The bright green of the pines, part 1

Green has a special meaning and effect on us humans. Green stands for freshness, nature and life. Positive mood and inspiration are conveyed. Green is one of the few colors that is both calming and stimulating.

The color yellow … energy and joy

Inspired by the blooming broom in our garden and the warm sun that bathes everything in bright yellow light, yellow is probably the most important color in our Holiday Apartment by the sea.

Carneval in Croatia

Karneval in Croatia is a celebration of joy, positive energy and dancing masks. Each region maintains its customs and traditions, so the Karneval or Faschnik shows the creativity of different regions.

Night of museums

The Night of the Museums is now one of the largest and most important cultural events in the annual calendar in Croatia. This is also evidenced by the increasing number of visitors, who have already exceeded the mark of 300,000 visitors in one night in recent years.

Winter in Croatia

There is something magical about Croatia at any time of the year, but the purity of winter adds an extra charm to everything. The weather here on the coast is Mediterranean (still 14 degrees, with about 5 hours of sunshine).

Christmas in Croatia

Some warmth and a few peaceful days in a small idyllic village in Dalmatia. Visit the atmospheric Christmas markets in the nearby surroundings.

artist meets designer

what a wonderful combination. what a unique artist. it’s rare that a designer can work with such an excellent material. thank you Jeanet for this opportunity.