Combining colors in interior design – brightening effects through the right color concept.

A color concept is a purposeful selection of colors used in a specific context to create a certain mood or atmosphere. The combination of different colors has an emphatic effect on the feeling of well-being in interior spaces.


Here by the sea we are surrounded by an enchanting nature whose colors express the feeling of summer and vacation. The yellow broom blooming in the tent-grey mountains, the fresh green pines all leaning towards the crystal clear turquoise sea. And above it all, the soft eight-blue sky. How wonderful

Vacation, summer, nature and the sea. These colors are the basis for the color concept in all apartments. The combination of these colors creates a harmonious balance between energy, closeness to nature and tranquility. A lively summer breeze is blowing through the apartments and the whole house.


Best regards from holiday in Croatia
by the sea Team